Vision of the Bible, is a mini TV series that strives to bring the gift of God to your life, in a new and unique perspective. We hope to take you on a journey of enlightenment as you explore our 7 DVD’s that span across Genesis, Exodus, Mathew and Resurrection. We traveled to Egypt, Isreal, Jordan and around the world, to pair Gods words into beautiful images of the Holy Land. Our hope is that by hearing the Bible read, while simultaneously seeing firsthand the images of the Holy places you are hearing about, you will have an different and powerful new vision of the Bible. Please enjoy our journey that we have be so privileged to bring to you.

We have composed a table book of 174 breathtaking images, that take you back to the Holy Land. We explore Jerusalem, the City of King David, the Jordan River, the Sea of Galilee, the City Acre, The Dead Sea, and many more places that mark the history of Christianity. This book is a piece of the Holy Land, that you can enjoy as you follow our journey across time.